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The season finale of the Bachelor Pad Season 3 starts off with all the former housemates doing a Q & A with host Chris. They in the end will all vote for which couple will go onto the next round to play for the money.

Kalon and Lindzi are still going strong in their relationship or so they say. Erica slams Kalon saying he’s been out and about with other girls and asked if they have an open relationship and warns Lindzi to be careful.

Michael takes the hot seat. He says he’s here for love this time on the bachelor pad. Though, it looks like he was playing Rachael’s heart while trying to win the $250,000. Michael called his relationship with Rachael a “summer camp romance” and that he just liked to make out with her.  Unfortunately he won nothing in the end.

Jaclyn Swartz takes the hot seat. She gets teary eyed when watching the clips of Rachael sending her and Ed home in the second to last episode. Jaclyn is still upset at Rachael for what happened and says she doesn’t know if she’ll vote for Rachael to win the money.

Blakeley takes the hot seat. She says she was never friends with Jamie but yet there was no animosity there.  Blakeley says that Tony lifted a weight off her shoulders and she’s never felt anything for anyone before. She says that Tony lets her be herself around him and starts to get teary-eyed. Tony and Blakeley announce to the rest of the cast that they are moving in together. Then Tony goes on with awkward babble after their announcement and then he gets down on one knee and proposes to Blakeley. She says yes! They didn’t win $250,000 but they did find each other. Maybe you can find true love on a reality show?

The last two couples standing come on the stage; Nick and Rachael, Chris and Sarah. Rachael confronts Michael with why he was leading her on during the show. She confesses she fell in love with Michael and then he says he didn’t want to do a long distance relationship. Though she found out he’s dating someone in Chicago and is in a long distance relationship with someone else.   Pretty messed up on his part. It seems he totally lead her on the entire time.

Chris says his family gave him a hard time about how he treated Blakeley and Jaime during the show. Which is good, they should have given him a swift kick in the ass. Jaime says to Chris that Emily was wise to see through his BS because he never would have been a good father to Ricky. That’s definitely true! Chris doesn’t apologize for his actions. He stirred the pot a lot during this season and ticked off a lot of people in the house. Which didn’t pay off in the end for him and his partner Sarah.

The previous house mate’s vote for which couple they believe should win the $250,000. Jaclyn votes for Nick and Rachael even though their friendship was on the rocks. They get voted onto the next round as the majority voted for them.

In the second portion of the contest, Rachael and Nick have to go in separate rooms and decide if they want to either KEEP or SHARE the $250,000. If they both choose SHARE they both split it evenly $125,000 each. If they both put KEEP neither one gets the money it’s instead split amongst the other house mates. If one says SHARE and the other KEEP, the one who chose KEEP gets all the money.

Rachael chooses SHARE but Nick screws her over and picked KEEP. He played the game well and won all the $250,000. Rachael literally got screwed from love and money from this season of the Bachelor Pad.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.