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This election year is one of the most annoying ones I believe in my opinion to have taken place. You can not go anywhere or do anything without seeing smut campaigns posted all over Facebook, television, and even advertisements on Pandora! When I’m at the gym working out trying to de-stress, the last thing I want to hear is one more political ad campaign interrupting my music saying, “I have approved this message.”

I think all of us will be lucky to keep any friends after the election with everyone’s strong opinions in regards to the different parties. So this issue got me thinking. Even long time good friends of mine are irritating the crap out of me with their “political opinions” all over social media outlets. I try to ignore it because I don’t like to tango political views with my friendships. Though, if it’s that difficult with friends, what about lovers?

Would you be able to date or be married to someone who didn’t share the same point of view that you do? No one really talks about dating in your “party”. Everyone discusses dating within your race or religion, but what about dating only Republicans or Democrats?

It may not seem like an issue in the beginning of a blossoming love affair. Though once all the unicorns and rainbows disappear, will you be able to tolerate their opinions of they don’t coincide with yours? It might be hard if someone you love would vote for a party who would in office take away your precious rights.

For example my father is a die hard Democrat, I can never have a conversation without him bringing some political issue up. His significant other of 20 some years is a Republican. My father is 67 and she is turning 71 soon. Now not only do I have to listen to my fathers governmental rants and raves, I have to hear him complain that his other half doesn’t agree with him. It’s like this drama filled emotional political love affair that should have it’s own reality show on Bravo. I always thought older people were happy because they were supposed to be in retirement and enjoying the second half of their lives. Instead it seems like they have gotten more stubborn and refuse to even listen to each others opinions to have a rational debate.

It seems most of my married friends and or couples share the same political beliefs. So, is a mutual understanding of the government and the roles it plays in our lives a foundation of a happy relationship? Or would you be able to put your opinions aside to be with the love of your life?

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.