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The Alpha Males and Alpha Females are the natural born leaders and usually dominate the dating jungle.  They are the most difficult to capture and tame. They are usually good looking, smart and charismatic. Others look up to them and respect them.

How do you know if you are an Alpha Female? Here is the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the Alpha Female:

An Alpha Female is a dominant female in a group. She dates as many males as she wants, is strong and confident, and a hard worker as well as often busy. She is usually sarcastic because she’s powerful and playful. Alpha Females are intelligent, intellectual problem solver and though being an alpha female is more of a state of mind than physicality, an alpha understands that dressing up or sexy increases her power in society, so she does it.

A True Alpha Female is NOT afraid to submit to a True Alpha Male, as defined by nearly feral standards, plus intellect and abilities to provide and protect. No matter how much we, as women evolve, there are still parts of our female psyches that seek the protector. We still seek that man who can enter a room, assess the situation and take charge. When we meet men who don’t have those strong leadership skills, we become frustrated and dominate them. If they are not worthy of leading us, then they should cower at our feet.

Why should I, as an Alpha female, choose a male that can dominate me? The Alpha in me responds to the Alpha in him. When I see him, I melt. When he speaks to me in his commanding voice, all my usual arrogance goes out the window. He understands who I am. I understand who he is. He understands my strength, but subtly lets me know that he is in charge now and that I no longer need to be in charge.

We are not wolves. Yet no matter how much we shave our hairy bodies, deodorize our odors, build tall buildings that speak of our prowess and drive around in fancy speed devils, we are still humans. We are still part of the animal kingdom. No matter how deep we bury our instincts, they are still there.

I agree with this assessment 100%. We are still animals even though we are humans and more evolved. Yet we cannot totally ignore our animal instincts deep within us. Sometimes we over analyze and our intellect gets in the way of something natural. We are still women and even though we can do it all ourselves and be strong, it’s still nice to have a man take charge sometimes. If we are an Alpha Female we need a strong man who can understand us. We can be dominant in the workplace and all other aspects in life, buts it’s still hot to have a man dominate in the bedroom.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.