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A dog is a man’s best friend. Almost every guy I have dated since being single for the last year has owned one of these furry friends. There’s no wonder as to why men love dogs because they’re loyal, show unconditional love and are fun to play with.

Even though we love our canine pals, they are still animals. They need to be trained and disciplined. So you don’t come home to a house with urine stains on the carpet and your couch torn to pieces. It may be hard to discipline them because we love them so much and almost consider them like our children, but don’t we discipline our children too? It’s tough love and sometimes it needs to be dished out.

I’ve noticed over the last few months the varying types of dogs men keep and how well or misbehaved they are. We’re talking anything from a small dog to a big German Shepherd.  If I walk into a man’s house and his dog jumps all over me scratching my legs and ripping my dress with their claws I’m not that impressed. More like pissed off. If a man can’t even train his dog how could he discipline a child?

I went out with this hockey player a few months ago. He had a big female huskie and another male dog. I do not know the breed of the male other than his coat was all black and he was almost as big as me standing on his hind legs. I walked into his apartment and the dogs attacked me. I know they were just playing, but I’ve never been a fan of huge dogs and I was wearing a nice dress. Even though I kept yelling they’re going to rip my dress and scratch me, the guy just stood on the other side of the living room and did nothing.

I didn’t know at that time, (which I do know now) that you need to knee the dog in the chest and that will stop him from jumping on you. Since I had no prior experience with large dogs, this guy should have protected me or had them trained to not jump on people. I finally got them off me, yet three months later I still have scars on my thigh where this dog scraped me.

Now I have been dating a man who breeds German Shepherds for a living. I was nervous being around such large dogs again with my last experience. He assured me his dogs were well trained. We took them out to swim in a lake behind his house. One was full grown and the other a puppy, yet still almost the same size as the full grown dog. They ran to catch a floaty he threw in the lake. They retrieved it then ran back to us with full force soaking wet and barking. As they got closer they came in my direction. I was freaking out thinking they were both going to attack me. He said no they’re trained they know better. Both dogs stopped at our feet and the puppy wanted to jump, but he yelled NO and he backed down.

If a man can’t train his dogs, how will he be with children? Especially with teenagers who keep pushing the envelope, testing you and seeing what they can get away with. Will he just let the kids walk all over him? Or will he instill good discipline? Kids need someone to keep them in line. I’m not talking about physically smacking them around, but if the man can’t help set up healthy rules then you’ll always have to be the warden.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.