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I’ve blogged prior about dating people with energies that pairs with yours. Like two puzzle pieces fitting together for a perfect match. You would think that if someone had a dominate personality they would mesh better with someone who’s more submissive. So the two would not butt heads and one would be more natural at giving in where the other would naturally take the lead.

Though, what happens when a strong Alpha Female personality dates a Submissive Male personality? She maybe so dominate that she steam rolls over him leaving him flattened in the road. He may not be able to handle the strong woman or challenge her enough. If the woman is always keeping the man on his toes, well whose going to keep the woman on her toes? It may be so easy to conquer the Submissive Male that the Alpha Female gets bored easily and moves onto a better challenge.

Is it better for an Alpha Female to date an Alpha Male? Or is it too overwhelming to have two strong personalities in one relationship? Can they complement each other and more easily push each other to greater heights? They both definitely have the strength to not get steam rolled over by the other and can stand on their own.

Being an Alpha Female it’s nice to have the man take charge once in a while. To not always have to be in control. To sit back, relax and let him dominate. I think if you can figure out give and take with two strong personalities, it can work out very well. When one partner exceeds in a certain area, the other can sit back and let them take the lead. You can flip flop from relax-mode to in-charge mode.

It may not work out for everyone, if you cannot find that delicate balance. Though, if you can it will be a very rewarding relationship for both partners. There’s nothing hotter than a strong man wrapping his big arms around you, squeezing you tightly, kissing you and then throwing you on the bed.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.