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Always take careful consideration of the outfit you wear on a first date. I know a lot of girls go out and buy new outfits for an important date, which is great. Just remember to step it up a notch.

Don’t wear something you would lounge around in at home. Make sure the outfit shows off your best traits. Nice legs? Wear a skirt. Thin waist? Wear something form fitting. Nice chest? Wear something that shows them off tastefully and not like you’re going to your part-time job swinging around a pole.

If you want a successful business man, then you need to dress like a woman who has her life together. A guy that gets up every day and wears a suit and tie probably isn’t going to be attracted to a woman who dresses sloppy. Look around and see the type of man you want, what is the woman on his arm wearing? Probably not sweat pants.

Take note of the small details. Get your nails done, do your hair, get a pedicure and wear a nice dress. If you’re not sure where he’s taking you on your date, over dress. Nothing is more embarrassing than showing up at a five star restaurant in shorts and flip flops.

Guys will notice the little things about you. I’m always amazed at how many guys notice and compliment me on my nails. They’re all natural, grow long and I take good care of them. They notice that. Some say you can tell how a woman takes care of herself by looking at her nails. So if you think guys aren’t paying attention to details, think again.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.