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Since this topic is the most googled in regards to the Bachelor Pad, I thought I would do some research on it. Jaclyn Swartz does have a rather unusual looking nose. It looks better here photographed from the front, yet from the side it almost has a snagle-tooth appearance.

From the research I have done, it does not appear that she has had a nose job. In the professional photos it looks more smoothed out versus the shots taken from the tv show like below.

Though with some touching up in Photoshop you can definitely touch up a lot. The only thing you can not do in Photoshop is fixed that hook at the end. I know this since I have a degree in Electronic Imaging and Graphic Design. You can only work with the palate provided when editing photos. Unless you just plop someone else’s nose on top of hers in the photo. That would look strange though.

My conclusion is that she has not had a nose job. I think if she did get one it would do her justice. She has a pretty face and getting rid of that snagle-tooth nose would definitely help. Unfortunately getting a nose job wouldn’t change her personality.

Tara Richter

The author of “The Dating Jungle Series