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Once you start practicing the art of short 30 minute coffee dates to weed out potential suitors from dating websites, finally one will shine out from the rest of the crowd. One date turns into two, three turns into a month and you start to think this is someone you really like. You take down your internet profile and start to concentrate on this one person. Everything’s great for a while, then all of a sudden you two just stop clicking.

The first month was blissful and you only saw what you had in common. The second month is rather irritating and you can only see what sets you apart. Sometimes things just don’t mesh for one reason or another. There’s no point in trying to force the issue if it just isn’t there. It’s not fair to both persons involved in the relationship. Each one deserves to have someone who can give their all.

If you realize soon into dating someone that their little quirks just get under your skin, it’s probably not going to work out long term. Especially if it’s during the honeymoon phase of a relationship. That is when everything should be harmonious and blissful. It’s best to just be honest and move on. There is someone out there for everyone and that just wasn’t the person for you. Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work. Everything needs to click just like a key into a lock. If one pin is out of place, the key will not open the door. You can try to pick the lock to force it open, but that’s just a lot of effort. They key should slide perfectly into the lock, clicking all the pins into place to smoothly open the door.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.