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Dreams can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your life. When the body rests the subconscious mind will allow thoughts to emerge at night that during the daytime your consciousness will not allow.

For example: while I was married the entire last year or so I kept having bad dreams about my husband. I was in a panic state of mind during my dreams that I couldn’t find him. The dream would always start off as us entering into a very crowded them park, and then I would see the back of his head as he disappeared into the crowd. I would call, text, yell out his name but he would never respond and I could never find him. Waking up in a panic, I would look over and he was there lying in bed right next me. Then one day my dream became a reality when he was off in Miami staying with a woman he was cheating on me with. The same sickening feeling arose in my gut from the dream when I kept calling him with no answer, but this time for real. As soon as the truth was revealed, the dreams stopped.

I went on vacation to Vegas with a few girlfriends a while ago. The first night we were there a man approached us in a bar. He was good looking air force guy from Great Brittan. His game was pretty intense from the start, wooing me, getting my phone number trying to date me from the first night. We hung out during the weekend, then he said he was going to be stationed in Miami for a month and wanted to visit me. I thought why not? After we both left Vegas, I never heard from him again. Then the same weird dreams started again I had about my ex-husband. I figured he was probably married and just looking for some excitement when he’s out of the country. Good thing nothing ever transpired between us.

Recently I was dating a man I thought I had a great connection with. Though, the last few dates we just weren’t clicking. The last date wasn’t fun. My irritation levels were at an all-time high and I just frankly felt bad about the entire situation. I had been tossing the idea around for a bit that we should see other people. Then that night I had a dream that I kept losing my shoes. I was in various situations where I would have one shoe and kept searching for the match to my pair. Sometimes I was in a department store or other times in the backyard. When I woke up it hit me, he’s not my soul-mate. I still need to keep looking for my perfect fit.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.