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The winner is…….. Jef! Emily Maynard chose Jef over Ari to be her one and only. Was it his skinny jeans, his funky hairdo or that fact that he rolled in on a skateboard versus a helicopter? We know it was enough to win Emily’s heart and to dump Ari even before he got a chance at his last and final date with her. Ari seemed pretty broken up over the fact that Emily dumped him, like he had no idea it was coming. Maybe if he would have taken the time to stop sucking her face and talk to her, he would have actually seen what was going on inside of her head and not her mouth. I’m kinda of surprised she didn’t take the opportunity to at least have one more make out session with him prior to getting engaged to Jef. I mean come on, all of America had seen them play tonsil hockey all summer long, and he is pretty hunky.

Jef and Emily seemed happy as ever during their post-show interview for the first time as an engaged couple. It was enough giddiness to even make host Chris a little nauseous on stage. Jef seems to be everything Emily is looking for. She states that he encourages her to do better in life, be herself and he loves her daughter Ricki. They might actually be one of the few couples that survive after leaving the ABC Bachelorette House.  The stats are not very high for the overall combined seasons of the Bachelorette and Bachelor shows for couples staying together. Only a whopping rate of about 15%. So it seems once the cameras stop rolling and the glitz and glamour is over, most couples really can’t make it work in real life. Emily Maynard knows this all too well after Brad Womack chose her in the Bachelor, to only break up while the show was still airing. They did try to make it work, but finally made an official breakup statement three months after the finale aired. Though it should have been a red flag since that was his second time on the Bachelor. During his first season he chose none other than, himself? If a guy can only choose himself over 20 some gorgeous women trying to wooo him, um dude has some issues.

I wish Jef and Emily all the best of luck. Hopefully they can raise the stats of true love from a reality tv show and possibly have some skate-boarding babies. For all the other Bachelor and Bachelor rejects, we always have the Bachelor Pad to watch them get intoxicated and make fools of themselves!

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.