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If you like someone call them. If you get a phone number there’s no rules for how long to wait, just call them. If you wait too long they will think you’re not interested or they may forget who you are. It’s embarrassing when you give your phone number to someone and they wait like six months to contact you. Once they do initiate contact, you have absolutely no idea who they are. That happened to me, I didn’t have a clue who, what, where I met this guy or what he even looked like. He said I left quite an impression on him. Oh really? Such a great impression you waited six months? Sorry, I don’t buy that. If you like the person establish contact as soon as you feel comfortable, or at least a decent hour of the day. Don’t call or text at 6am or 11 pm. You don’t know their schedule they might be sleeping, keep it to normal hours. Same goes for after going on a date with someone. If you like them ask them to do something else either at the end of the date, or a few days later. If you wait too long they’ll think you don’t like them. Seal the deal. Let them know your into them in a non-stalker way. Asking them to do something the following weekend is not over doing it. You have to keep the interest/ spark alive. If you wait weeks or months in-between dates, they’ll forget all about you. Or if they are a great catch, someone else will sieze the opportunity you missed out on. If you like them keep asking for follow up dates. In short, there is not time frame you need to wait to call, text or ask someone out. Just do it! 

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.