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In the dating jungle it can be a very frustrating process weeding through the tigers, snakes and piranhas to find your Tarzan. While you are going on a multitude of dates, pay close attention to their behaviors. Their body language will tell you if they are interested in you or not. They may try to woo you with smooth talk, yet actions speak louder than words. Do their eyes linger around the room while you’re talking or do they stay fixated on you? Do they listen to what you’re actually saying, or do you feel the need to constantly repeat yourself?   Are they captivated by your beauty or spend more time playing with their iPhone? Can you spend hours upon hours talking one another and then realize you missed dinner by three hours and never even realized it? Do you both linger at the end of a date, not wanting to leave each other’s presence? You should have fun with whom you are dating, if it’s not fun now, well it’s probably not going to be fun 10 years from now.

During one of my short Starbucks Dates with a guy from Great Britain, I was my normal, funny, lively self and I could tell he didn’t really like my sense of humor. I quickly straightened up, switched on the “Sunday church girl” routine and tried to mind my manners. This is how this guy made me feel stiff, uncomfortable and way uptight. He didn’t really much ask about me. Instead told me about how he didn’t have time to date, that he was a very busy man. I was thinking, if you’re so busy why are we even here because I’m not having any fun at all! I would rather be at a teeth cleaning than sit here pretending to be prim and proper. That’s not my personality at all; I’d rather be a goof ball, laugh and be silly. I started planning my exit strategy. Then his phone rang and it was his son. He stated this is the time he always calls to say good night. I quickly spurted out, ”Well you don’t want to disappoint him!  You better call him back right now. See ya later!” as I slid out the front door.

Dating should be enjoyable, if it’s not, next! Don’t waste time with guys you don’t have fun with, can’t be yourself around or make you feel bad about yourself. Sometimes guys look good on paper. They seem to have everything; great job, nice car, decent house, great hair and awesome body. Yet, if there’s no connection, it’s never going to last. I dated a guy for about six months who was perfect on paper. He seemed to be the perfect guy. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, accountant, drove a BMW, dressed nice, but he had the personality of a tooth pick! We couldn’t carry on a conversation, yet I kept pushing the issue because I kept telling myself I should be into this guy. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just like a normal guy? It doesn’t matter how good they look on paper, if you don’t have any chemistry in person, it will never last. I finally broke up with Mr. Toothpick and seven years later he’s still single.

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.