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This day & age women can do everything themselves. We can buy our own cars, our own houses, travel the world, and raise our kids. Hell you don’t even need a man to have an orgasm, but is that what we want? We may not need a man, but we definitely want one. If you get so used to doing everything yourself you forget what it’s like to have a partner to help you throughout life. When we start fulfilling both sides of the relationship (being the mother & the father) were taking on the masculine roles. If were doing the masculine & the feminine rolls, then where does that leave the man? If you’re in a relationship, it pushes him out of it. If you’re single, it doesn’t allow a space for him to come in. In love, we need to let the man be the man. I know it’s scary to sit back, relax & let someone else take the reins, but that’s exactly what we need to do.

To stop planning, organizing, making dinner reservations, planning the trips, calling him back. Let him do it. When he’s doing it, then we know he is because he wants to & wants to be around us. If the woman is always the one planning, calling, and texting he may just be going along for the ride until something better comes a long, because it’s easy. A man wants a challenge. Their animal instincts need that chase, something to go after, the prize, you. Think about going to a carnival. Everyone wants to win the huge Teddy bear hanging high up above. You see everyone else walking around with small stuffed animals that anyone can win. It’s easy, fun for a few minutes, and then it wears off. Instead when you work really hard, all day to get the big Teddy bear, everyone in the park is jealous. How did he win that?! Let him feel like a man & win the prize.

Men need to feel like men. When a woman constantly takes control of everything he doesn’t feel so manly anymore. Get back in touch with your feminine side; let him make the decisions, let him decide where to eat next time, just sit back & release control. It really does feel great! Get back to that raw chemistry that attracted you in the first place. Him chasing you from bar to bar, trying to get your phone number. You trying to blow him off, wanting to see what else was out there. Then him eventually pulling you on the dance floor, pulling you close to him and kissing you.

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Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.