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I walk into my favorite Starbucks location on a sunny Florida afternoon to get some writing done. As I stand in line waiting to get my Venti Pike’s Peak roast along with my protein box, the line stalls. The people in front are ordering who knows what, but they’re taking up my precious time. I look down the line as it starts to grow longer and longer. The third man in line, hair frumpy, silk shirt blowing in the AC paired with what looks like bedroom slippers, asks me what day I was born on. As in day of the week, I fumble and think to myself, I have no idea what the actual day is. I know the month, day and year of course. So I tell him 9-11-77. He tells me I was born on a Sunday. Interesting I thought, though I have no idea if it’s correct. The line moves, I order my caffeine. Then the man asks me if I have a significant other. My first response is no, since I am divorced. I get my coffee and proceed to the mixing station for extra cream and cinnamon. As I mix my coffee, the gentlemen behind me comes up with his coffee. I look at him and giggle and say, “We have a modern day Yoda at Starbucks today.”

He smiles and say back, “Yes, but he was right, I was born on a Monday.” Wow, I thought to myself. This guy may not be totally crazy. So now my interest is peaked as to see what he was going to say if I did have a significant other. I have been dating a man I met on Plenty of Fish dating website. We have gone on 7 dates within a short period of time, heading out on our 8th tonight for some yummy Italian food. We have a great connection and get along well, which is rare for me. Most internet dates don’t go past the 1st initial meeting. Now I really want to know what Yoda’s take is on our budding relationship.

I find a table inside, get myself comfortable and ready to eat my lunch. Yoda comes over, so I ask him, “What if I did have a significant other? What could you tell me about him?”

He responds, “What is his birthday? “

“July 1st 1968” I only recall this information readily since his birthday is in 3 days and we are going out for cupcakes and wine to celebrate.

Yoda replies without skipping a beat, “He was born on a Monday. Monday people are very caring, loving, loyal and genuine. Though, they are also losers. “

I almost spit out my coffee I started laughing so hard. “Why do you think they’re losers? Maybe nerdy, but I wouldn’t say losers.”

“Well I was born on a Monday and I’m a loser.” That could totally be correct. “You know who else was born on a Monday? Ronald Regan, Bill Clinton & Charles Manson.”

I smile and say, “Well I like all those people besides Charles Manson. I don’t think any of our previous Presidents were losers.”

Yoda responds with, “Have you ever been married?”

“Yes I have.” Knowing what questions he’s going to ask next,” His birthday was 4-29-1978”

Yoda then asks, “What’s your father’s birthday?”

This one I really have to think, “Well I know it’s June 2nd but I’m not sure the year. Though, he just turned 67.”

All knowing Yoda responds again quickly with, “He was born in 1945. You married your father.”

I start laughing again, “Yes, I know, don’t most women? Though, that marriage was short lived. The man I’m dating now is nothing like my father, in all the good ways. Though I don’t think he’s a loser either.”

Yoda smiles and says, “This guy will never cheat on you. He will always be kind and loving, though he won’t ever make any money. Can you survive on your own? What does he do for a living?”

I laugh again, “Yes, I can survive on my own, I have for the last 34 years. Jeff whom I’m dating is a writer.”

“See I told you.” He replies as he shuffles off into another area of Starbucks.

As soon as he leaves I know I have to write this entire conversation down before I forget it. It’s not every day you meet a modern day Yoda who can give you free insight into your dating life. I open my laptop and start to ponder over the conversation we just had. I still don’t think Jeff is a loser, though he was right about all the other stuff. Some writers makes lots of money and some don’t. Though I would much rather do what I love (Yoda didn’t know I was a writer too) and make pennies versus doing what sucks the soul out of my body for millions. Jeff and I share that same philosophy on life. Probably one of the big reasons we get along so well. I would much rather spend time with a man who, as Yoda states, will never make any money but treat me like a piece of rare gold versus a millionaire who treats me like dirt. I contemplate that this man is half crazy, but pretty wise too. I start my computer and start to write this story and Yoda shuffles his way in his slippers back towards me.

He says,” I drive all the way down to this Starbucks from Land O’ Lakes. Have you ever heard of (some club up there but don’t recall the name of it.) It’s night club up there.” Granted Yoda tells me he’s 65 earlier, 2 years younger than my father. Knowing this information I’d be surprised if he’s going to any nightclubs given how slow he moves around Starbucks.

I respond questioning, “Isn’t Land O’ Lakes where all the nudist colonies are?”

He smiles devilishly now,” Yes, it is. I own a condo there. You should come up sometime and hang out.” There goes all Yoda’s creditability out the window.

I laugh again, “Sorry nudist colonies are not my thing. Have a nice day though. “ Even modern day Yoda’s are perverts. Thank goodness I was in a part of Florida that requires clothing otherwise this conversation would have been even more interesting! Possibly the reason as to why he couldn’t coordinate a decent outfit, because we wasn’t used to wearing garments on a daily bases. He did make for an interesting afternoon and did make some valid points. I guess time will tell if Yoda is right about Jeff or not. Until then I will trust my internal Yoda.

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.