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As most women, I was mesmerized by the commercials for this movie displaying half naked men dancing on a stage. What woman wouldn’t enjoy that? I figured there wasn’t going to be much substance to the movie, but I would take one for the team & go see it anyway. My review of this movie is pretty simple; more dancing and less talking!

I had no idea that this movie was filmed in the Tampa Bay area. Since I live here, it was a nice surprise to recognize the local areas. That was a definite upside to this film besides hot men. Apparently Channing Tatum is from Tampa and worked as a stripper in a nightclub in Florida. Unfortunately, I wasn’t living in Florida when this strip club was open. We do not have male strip clubs in the Tampa Bay area. I know this because I searched high and low for one when I had my Bachelorette party over two years ago. In the movie the strip club owner, played by Matthew McConaughey, gets a deal to move the club to Miami. That might be true, because there are lots of male clubs in Miami area. Matthew does do an excellent job of playing a sleazy male strip club owner. I felt like I had been slimed by the time the movie was over.

The rest of the acting in the movie was just about as painful to watch as listing to nails being scratched down a chalk board. Absolutely awful, the worst acting I’ve seen in a movie in a while. Almost as bad as the remake of 1970’s Piranha, but that was filmed intentionally that way to represent a B rated movie. Magic Mike didn’t really have an excuse. I really was hoping that they could, in any way shape or form, develop the love story into an actual plot underneath it all. That failed along with the acting. The theatre full of half intoxicated horney women became unruly during these painfully long acting scenes. Everyone chanted for more dancing scenes, less clothing and please no more talking!  I couldn’t agree more.

I did miss the best part of the movie that was in the first five minutes. I must have looked down to grab more twizzlers as I heard all the women gasp and squeal. I quickly looked up to see Channing Tatum turning away from the screen buck naked. Yes, that’s right, he does a full frontal. I can only remember one other time seeing a movie with a male full frontal. As all women know, those are rare. I may have to rent it on DVD just to actually see it this time.

This movie is fun to go to with a group of female friends and or gay guys. I would have a few cocktails first, or as my friends do, bring a flask into the theater. Just utilize the acting periods in-between dancing scenes to take a nap so you can keep your energy up for clubbing afterwards. Though, you do get a treat at the end of viewing Matthew McConaughey’s butt, 15 feet tall, bent over in a G string.


Tara Richter


Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.