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Last night’s episode of the Bachelorette was definitely a tear jerker. Emily is having a hard time narrowing it down to the last final two.  Sean Lowe finally expressed his love, but he got the ax anyway. Maybe it was because he still showed a little hesitation when he said it.  She asked him if he could see himself getting engaged at the end of all this and there was a slight pause. I think he really needed more time if he was infact going to fall in love with her. I know everyone shows their emotions in different ways, yet during his ride away in the limo, he didn’t seem all that broken up about it. Granted he said he did, but his facial expressions did not match his words. When Chris didn’t get his rose, you could definitely tell he was angry and upset. Like a little five year old child he pouted, “But I told you I loved you! How could you do this?”

Sean just didn’t seem sincere with his last interview after getting dumped by Emily. The camera guy even had to ask him questions to get him to talk.  It was so boring and drawn out I even left the room to go chase after my cat, because she was more entertaining.

Then there were two; Ari and Jef. We can all tell Emily is attracted to Ari because all they do is suck face when the cameras are rolling. Ari is a good looking guy so I don’t blame her, though I think she’s struggling between a sexual chemistry and a long-term relationship.  Emily did start asking some real life questions such as what time in the morning do you usually wake up? A funny question, but so important when you have kids. I know from being married previously with a four year old step-son that your days of sleeping in are long gone. So when Emily asked Ari what time he normally gets up in the morning, I laughed at his response of 9am. She did too. I don’t really think he’s really ready to be thrown in the role of fatherhood getting up at 5am, picking up toys all over the living room floor and watching hours of Dora the Explorer on tv. I personally think Emily is keeping him around for a few more make-out sessions before giving him the boot.

Jef turned the tables around in this episode and asked Emily some hard hitting questions. He wanted to know why it hasn’t worked out with her and anyone else up to this point, after her marriage of course. This is a good question to ask someone you are thinking of becoming serious with. Why things haven’t developed in the past will help you find out what qualities they are looking for in a future mate and if you have those or not. Emily said she could see him with Ricki in the morning making breakfast. That’s definitely a good sign for Jef. He passed the fantasy suite test too. In this episode the guys were given the option to spend the night with Emily in an elaborate suite. Being a gentleman, Jef turned the offer down, which was a good play on his part. Deny a woman and she’s just going to want you ten times more.

We will have to wait two more weeks to find out whom Emily Maynard chooses and if he reciprocates her love with a proposal. Will it be Jef Holms the skate boarding Mormon or Ari the race car driving, kissy face lover?

Tara Richter

Tara Richter is an Internet Dating Coach in Tampa Bay. She is the author of “The Dating Jungle Series” and an Internet TV Show Host.